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Our porch railing is made from long lasting western red cedar and now available in PVC.

Turned Baluster Rail (Made with long lasting western red cedar or PVC).

H-653-T TOP (Pictured left)

Top Rail Dimensions = 3-1/4" wide x 2-1/4" height. This rail works with our turned balusters.

Price per foot = $7.00

Bottom Handrail

H-653-T BOTTOM (Pictured left)

Bottom Rail Dimensions = 3-1/4" wide x 1-1/2" height. This Rail works with our turned balusters.You may also use the top rail above as your bottom rail if you choose our "V"-notched baluster. (Click on Installation Tips.)
Price per foot = $6.00

For tips and options on installation Click here

Sawn Baluster Rail (Made with long lasting western red cedar or PVC).

H-653-S-TOP (Pictured left)

H-653 Rail is designed to work with our 3/4" thick sawn blusters.

The channel located on the 3-1/4" width of the railing allows for easy alignment in assembly.

Price per foot =$7.00

H-653-S-BOTTOM (Pictured left)

We can provide this railing with a 1/2" diameter hole drilled between balusters for water drainage.

Price per foot =$6.25

This bottom railing is offered as an alternative to the bottom railing pictured directly above. The open "rabbit" allows for quick, easy attachment to our sawn balusters. The 10 degree slope to the outside, allows for water run off which makes rotting in this area, less likely. (see installation page for attaching)
Price per foot = $6.25
Shown above is our "Dome" style top. This profile is available on the top rails described above. The "gambrel" outline provides a softer feel when hand contact is made.

This profile adds $1.00/foot to the prices shown above. Please specify when ordering.
Wide Rail (Made with long lasting western red cedar).
H 654 PAIRED H-654-T (Top and bottom rail, pictured left)

Use this railing with our wider turned balusters or where a stronger, more rigid railing system is needed. The railing pictured left can be used with our TB 605 baluster when you order this baluster with our "V" notch. This rail is made with Western red cedar and we can make it to your specific lengths.

H-654 top rail price per foot = $9.50

H-654 bottom rail with " V" price per foot = $9.50

H-654 bottom rail with flat top price per foot = $8.50

The bottom rail may be ordered with a flat top for stair areas or where flat bottom balusters are installed.
See our installation page for options on ordering the top rail with the sub rail unattached, for concealed attachment.

We provide both styles of railing to your specific lengths. Custom widths available. For questions or prompt quotes, please call 1-800-360-2119. Wider railings are also available.

Click Here for Installation Tips

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